44 the empire is over

44 is  a line on a map,  a year, an age, a psalm, a beat, an idea, a number,  is recognisable,  and a single second in time, 

44 is an independent Irish alt-pop project founded by Harrison & Leon. While 44 is only in its infancy, the guys are accomplished artists, and are held in high regard as songwriters and live performers. 


With eclectic influences from Imagine Dragons to Tears for Fears, Lorde to The National, their sound is sewn together with flowing bass lines and grooves from Leon, and soaring melodies and lyrics from Harrison.


Creatively, 44 is a fresh start, a blank canvas, and everything is on the table. Over the past 12 months, locked away in their studio on the Western edge of Europe, they crafted a unique sound, intertwining strong melodies, riffs, and samples to produce their debut EP.

The Empire is Over EP is a collection of four new songs and accompanying videos due for release on August 9th, 2019. The songs are stories of who, when, and why we strive to create our own personal empires. It’s filled with moments of love, loss, and triumph along the way. It has been an incredible journey to put these four songs together, while events, both personal, and global, have shaped the tone of the EP. “We hope you can find your own journey in these songs and fight to hold on to your own Empire” - 44. So, please follow us, add us to your playlists, and shout out to us on social media, and we’ll be in touch with an exclusive T-shirt (while stocks last).

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