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44-Circles, Algorithms & Art Don't Mix!!

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

We released our second peice of music this week, Circles. And the artwork has thrown us into a little bit of trouble.

Circles was released on International Womens Day, and We wanted to create a beautful peice of art to celebrate this fact, but it turns out algorithms don't recognise art, or a celebration of the female form. So the algorithms bury it, and refuse to share it, as it "may offend". It's the state of play we now live in, there can be no chance of someone been offended. But at least you all should give people a choice to be, or in act not to be outragged.

It's a pity, but the fact is you can't argue, discuse or debate, the beauty of a creation, with an algorithm. And the fact is not one single person has got in contact with us to say, how dare you, or this is a disgrace, or even that they are highly offended. But hey, every day is a school day, next time we do artwork, we may consider Ikea white on white.

Circles is on Spotify now, https://artists.spotify.com/c/artist/5HkUf8gYtrtGLj2oM1mXUK/profile

Have a listen before the cyber police..........{YOUR CONNECTION HAS BEEN LOST}

artwork by Alex at ateljestudio

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