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Clear to Launch....

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

We have a release date, Friday August 9th 2019

It's been a rollercoaster, to get to a release date, for these songs. It started with a very deep conversation about personal journeys, and what drives peoples choices. And how these decesions we make, are the same that have formed vast empires in the past. And then came the idea, that Empires don't have to be the size of a continent, that a life, and the choices in that life, form an Empire.

Who you love, what you would do for them, what you believe in, what you would fight for, these pillars are what make you build your empire,it's in the fabric of what you seek out, in this world.

But of course, in life you meet opposition to your pillars, and then your empire may rise, or fall. Can you resolve to it, before the Empire is over.

So on Friday August 9th "The Empire is over" will hit every platform and join the ether, with all the other songs that day. So we ask, seek these songs out, that have heart and soul etched into them. Stream, save and share them, add them to your playlist, that really helps, and some day we will thank you in person. You can pre save or pre order by pressing this link Now. We love to chat, so leave a comment, or send a DM


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